Cross-Channel Music Drops Charming Single ‘Bygone Days’

Plucky and exciting are the two best descriptors I can think of to describe Cross-Channel Music’s newest single ‘Bygone Days.’ It has a wonderful energy and remarkable sense of solidarity in its sound. It makes for yet another strong addition to their burgeoning collection of music.

The song has a rhythm that makes it quite contagious. Its beat is complemented pristinely by the bouncing guitars and their lo-fi tone. It is a sound that sticks with you and makes for a fantastically accessible single. There is something about the modest production that makes the song magnetic. The band’s musicianship, sound lyrics, and whimsical sense of musicality all come together in this track to terrific effect.

Perhaps my favorite element to the track is Pierre Lassegues’ vocal style. It is understated and held back which somehow lends even more personality to the track. The popular music of the day tends to be more on the lavish end of the musical production spectrum, which is one of the reasons this song is so fun to listen to. It is the polar opposite of so much that is already out there.

Cross-Channel Music has pretty much perfected their sound with this single. They certainly know their musical audience and how to keep them fed. This single is a glistening example of that self- awareness.

Stream the new single here:

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