New Releases-Pit And The Crooks-Float

Hailing from Brooklyn, Pit and The Crooks is the newest rock group to emerge from the oversaturated music scene of NYC. After the successful release of their debut single Last Around, the group has returned with their new single, Float. With influences ranging from Noah and The Whale to G-Eazy, the group have incorporated these elements to create a refreshing, gritty sound.

In just under three minutes, Float is an immediately catchy and in-your-face record. This track has a straightforward arrangement with a hooky rhythm guitar that’s imbued with a sense of urgency and restlessness. The raw vocals with melodic coos contrast perfectly with the murky bass, while the drums steal the show with an irresistible, relentless rhythm. 

The upbeat nature of this single packs a punch. It’s a fantastic, dynamic, edgy record full of Pit and The Crooks drive!

Check it out now at the link below!

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