New Releases-Ali Comerford-Come Home

“Your beds still made; Your place is all set.”

Over the last couple of years, classical violist turned folk troubadour Ali Comerford has made a name for herself producing original folk-based, classically influenced songs that are crammed with emotional complexities, and heartfelt sincerity. After the release of Knots in May, Comerford has returned with her third and final single from her upcoming album Knots.

Ali Comerford’s new single Come Home is her most striking release to date. This painfully beautiful single chimes with thick guitar chords, turbulent strings and an airy vocal delivery. These moody, shadowy textures provide the perfect backbone for Ali’s poignant lyrics that touch on a longing for returning home. Speaking about Come Home, she said: “I wrote this song with someone in mind, but really it’s for anyone who wants to return home but feels that they can’t because too much has happened or too much time has passed. It is a reminder that home will always be there for them.”

A single that clearly distinguishes her from her contemporaries, Come Home, simmers, and smoulders with a gloomy aura. The minimalist instrumentation, haunting lyrics and delicate vocal melody create a brooding and atmospheric sound, displaying Ali Comerford’s innate ability for producing superb melancholic compositions.

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