New Releases-Tommy Cullen-Violet Rainbow

Tommy Cullen releases Violet Rainbow, inspired by a voice recording created while travelling the French Alps. Now fully formed and filled with feeling, this single expresses the universal desire to shine.

From the outset this is an energetic, wistful track. Opening in with calm Indie Funk vibes you’re drawn in before you hear Tommy’s voice, his lyrics. You want to hear what he has to say. Progressing through the introduction of the extremely catchy hook, the energy rises. What we have here is a Summer jam suited to any mood, any setting, I imagine anybody can relate to this song, the ambitious feeling it incites.

Previously fronting The False and the Fair, Tommy is experienced in writing and producing music. With his new solo venture he has been steadily amassing an online following to whom he delivers #NewMusicDaily on Instagram alongside his official releases. With his talent and dedication it won’t be long until his name is familiar to us all.

Mixed by Marcus Jay and mastered by Ivan Jackman at Hellfire Studios I highly recommend giving Violet Rainbow a stream and checking out Tommy’s previous releases.

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