New Releases-Jay Moussa-Mann-Tell Me

After the release of her first single What Makes You Think, earlier this year, Jay Moussa-Mann has just released her second new single Tell Me. A song that sounds like it belongs in one of John Carney’s bittersweet rom-com films, Tell Me recounts the raw and vulnerable story of betrayal and broken promises, posing the disquieting question: What was I worth?

This soothing acoustic track opens with a mellow chord progression and a heartfelt fragile vocal melody. Jay’s bruised heart seeps through the single as it slowly builds into her signature sound of dense delicate layers of piano and subtle melodic string. Showcasing her ability to produce emotive soundscapes around simplistic organic arrangements, Jay beautifully lays bare her personal tale of heartbreak.

A sickly sweet but impossible single to resist you can expect to hear both Tell me and What Makes You Think on her second self-produced album, The Breakup Album, coming out later this year.

Check out the new single below!

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