Brí Releases New Single More Than

Finding her way through the foggy wilderness of Indie-pop Irish artist, Brí has returned after the successful release of her previous single Burying. The artist’s new single More Than follows on the same thread of her previous single with this record burrowing further into the artist’s emotional complexities. Released on March 19th More Than sees Brí at her most introspective and vulnerable, producing a compelling and emotionally evocative track. 

Lyrically this haunting ballad deals with the frustration of yearning to want more than you currently have with Brí seeking to discover the place where passion and profound emptiness connect. There is a soft ethereal tone to the track with Brí’s silky effortless vocals gliding over an ambient arrangement. Fusing together otherworldly vocals with gentle hints of reflective, haunting drones, a throbbing of bass and gentle percussion, you are instantly absorbed into the record’s eerie hypnotic melody. The verse and chorus slide seamlessly together with Brí, powerfully conveying her sense of frustration with a delicate composition that is exquisitely arranged. A consistently compelling artist who is a cut above the mainstream, Brí has created a flawless fourth single that trickles with a restricted tension and vivid poetic lyricism.
Check out this great new single below!

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