New Releases: Cardigan Fields Timebomb

Leeds band Cardigan Fields have become known for their heavy brew of punk, grunge, and indie rock producing a cocktail of music worthy of Keith Richards. Formed in early 2020, the energetic band has spent the last year steadily building up their repertoire with the release of their acclaimed debut Audience with A Clown in November. Taking their inspiration from a host of bands such as QOTSA, Rage Against the Machine, Cage the Elephant, and Slaves the band are scheduled to release their second single Timebomb on December 27th.

Nothing about Cardigan Fields is watered down, their new single is as raw and electrically charged as its predecessor. Packing a powerful punch from the get-go Timebomb is an intensely driven hard rock track laced with racing hefty guitar riffs and a thunderous drum pattern that adds a dramatic and unstoppable energy to the single. Cardigan Fields have embraced the 80’s gritty rock dynamic with this release. The robust melody accentuates Joey’s raw vocals that encapsulate the same charismatic delivery of Andrew Wood. Overall, Cardigan Fields have produced an intoxicating unruly second single that grabs your attention and is more than worthy of a couple of plays.

Check it out at the link below

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