Roscommon Band The Regulars Release Debut E.P Damson

The Regulars are a rock/alternative band from Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Formed in the summer of 2019, the band consists of Seán Garavan (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Christian Martin (Vocals and Lead Guitar), Shane Casey (Bass Guitar) and Lorcan Connolly (Drums). Their first release Damson was released on December 21st, combining rock with raw edge.

Opening with the title track Damson you immediately get a feel of where The Regulars are at musically with a simple rhythm shuffle coupled with a raw jangly guitar sound they have captured nineties inspired sound with hints of Bush Nirvana and Dinosaur Jnr. It’s not a bad beginning to the E. P, although I do think it could have been tightened up and fleshed out a wee bit more. Song two: Devious Poison adds a bit more of a kick to the record with a more polished sound than Damson. Crunchy insistent guitars coupled with a strong catchy chorus make it a great listen. The heavier rock sound is where The Regulars excel musically The Dust and The Devil is a perfectly structured track with a great overall sound, a rock-solid rhythm and a painfully catchy melody that will stick in your head for days. Ending on The Quark and The Jaguar the Regulars use a hooky guitar riff reminiscent of the Cure bringing their debut to a close with a barrage of drums and a great melody making this track an easy favourite.

As a debut from a teenage band, Damson shows The Regulars might have a way to go but are a group packed full of potential.

Check out Damson at link below

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