Jim McHugh Releases New Single, Her Love

A poignant recounting of a loved one who has passed away, Her Love lyrically delves into grief, love and the hope that they will return. The painful loss and desire for love is beautifully recounted in McHugh’s poetic lyrics: “Our hands touch, and I know it’s you/Our eyes meet, and we see through/That all I want is you” The songwriters monotone vocals reflect this longing as he weaves around a smooth gliding bassline and subtle guitar pickings that create a murky but heartfelt sound. Building with layer upon layer of instrumentation the songwriters frustration of loss finally erupts into spine tingling crescendo of soaring vocals and explosive guitars.

New Releases-Pine The Pilcrow-Black Hills

A perfect balance of melodic textures and atmospheric ambiences Pine the Pilcrow have meshed together a tense bed of rhythmic pizzicato motifs, punctuated percussion and light sparkles of piano. Developing the track around this structure. The group create an air of suspense and uncertainty, as the single softly builds with progressively intensifying sounds and subdued vocals that beautifully reflect the soft chaos that naturally flows around us.

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