4,000,000 Telephones Return With New Video- Hard Man

Formed in 1983 and now forty years on, 4,000,000 Telephones have re-emerged with some unreleased material that is as significant now as when it was recorded back in the eighties. The five remaining members of the original line-up have been listening through the band’s archives and have decided to release, ‘Hard Man’ recorded in 1986. An upbeat, melodic song with a big dollop of irony; this track is a great satirical response to the emergence of the “hard men” of the 1980s; from the reactionary backlash against post-war progressive and social gains, aggressive domestic and foreign policies, to the possibility of getting thumped off an evening because someone’s team had lost earlier that afternoon. From pitches to political offices, hard men were and continue to be problem.


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