Songwriter and producer Zach James Douglas has released his sophomore EP,’6×3

Songwriter and producer Zach James Douglas has released his sophomore EP, 6×3 a six song, genre-fluid, exploration into past relationships. With musical elements reminiscent of Sylvan Esso, Grimes, and Maribou State: Douglas’s debut combines cathartic lyricism with alluring synths, producing a tightly crafted EP that has a dark aura.

Opening with the intimate glitchy dance tones of Something/ Anything. Douglas expertly bends intricate sonic soundscapes around a warm guitar riff, melodic piano embellishments, and the syrupy vocals of guest vocalist Kintsuku. It’s the perfect introduction to the EP, with the artist blending melodic and glitchy sounds to create a superb sound that’s uniquely his.

An undercurrent of deep melancholy runs throughout Douglas’s songs. Beta is a beautiful, vulnerable track that, from the very first note, pulls us into a more melancholic moodier landscape. It has a softer tone than the previous track with a faultless melange of organic and electronic textures, blissful vocals and processed clicks and beats that act like a soothing balm to the artists heartbroken lyrics.

Traits and Question, Thoughts, Silence, are two great tracks that share the same DNA. These sparkling synth ballads are vibrant, emotional songs that both beautifully deal with the postpartum of a breakup.

Exploring the scarred mental state of someone who has been hurt by a previous partner; Even as the Knife Went Through is a fantastic slow-burning dance track that finds the songwriter teetering on an emotional tightrope. Brilliantly blending poignant lyrics with waves of summery synths and a catchy chorus that sounds like it just fell into place. This song has a timeless appeal to it despite the heavy lyrical content.

Wrapping up the EP with Anyone Else, Douglas refreshingly ventures into the rockier side of electro pop. A stark contrast to the rest of the EP, this track is a swell of distorted guitars, grainy synths, and pensive vocals creating a dissonant, edgy, and unique sound. Musically spinning between dark/light tones and soft/loud dynamics, Anyone Else is easily a favourite for me. Douglas has produced a superb wave of sound that just crashes over you.

Foraging his own musical territory, Zach James Douglas has produced the perfect soundtrack to a breakup.

Check it out now below!

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