New Music Monday- Cavalcade,Leah Rose, Walk Than Dance And Many More….

Distant Images- Hurricane

Glasgow indie pop duo Jilly & Macca have just dropped their new single Hurricane. Mingling together dreamy shoegaze guitar tones with some mellow electronic pop elements, Hurricane is an enthralling single that draws the listener in with a captivating blend of pulsing synths, layered choral vocals and lush guitar work.

Leah RoseDangerous Pink

After the release of her successful debut single Goodnight in May. Cork artist Leah Rose has just released her haunting new single Dangerous Pink. Influenced by artists such as The Weeknd, Lana Del Ray and Travis Scott, ‘Dangerous Pink’ depicts an abstract picture in its sonic textures through a mirage of glistening synths and layers of haunting vocals before grounding itself with a hip- hop- inspired beat.

Walk Than Dance-Walk Than Dance

The brainchild of Ian Goulding, an Irish electronic musician living in Scotland. His new album Walk Than Dance is a remarkable melting pot of electronic creativity that takes us on a dynamic journey through the life of a musician. This album marks the clearing out of hard-drives, journals, scribbled thoughts and half-formed hooks. Producing a compilation of concepts rather than one fully realised whole. Walk Than Dance is a story of twenty years of Ian’s musical journey, thoroughly assembled whilst in a state of motion.

Rudy Anna KellyFar Away

Drawing inspiration from Mitski and Porches, Rudy Anna Kelly’s debut single ‘Far Away’ is an exciting blend of indie pop and funk. Produced with Dublin pop artist Greg Tisdall, the song features dreamy keys, funky guitars and thumping drums. Lyrically, the song speaks of a doomed one-sided relationship with a simple, yet memorable sing-along chorus.

Mae Krell- Rest Stop

New York-based singer-songwriter Mae Krell has shared their new single “Rest Stop”. Overflowing with an undeniable emotional rawness, this track is layered with lush instrumentation whilst Mae’s vocal brim despair as they come to terms with the loss of a friendship.

Kamora-The Answer

Glasgow-based indie outfit Kamora have just released their uplifting indie anthem The Answer. Returning with their lushish anthemic sound the group have put together a memorable indie treat that portrays the journey of recovery from the effects of mental health and addiction. The uplifting feel of the track, alongside brazen lyrics, helps to to paint a vivid picture that conveys hope. A fantastic track wrote for anyone in the midst of recovery.

Darragh O Dea feat. Katherine PriddyGuerrilla Warfare in Your Back Garden

Hailing from Tuam, Co.Galway, songwriter Darragh O’Dea feat, Katherine Priddy has just released his new single Guerrilla Warfare in Your Back Garden’. Known for his wistful storytelling, this single tells the familiar story of fighting over land and inheritance

Kill ‘Em Charlie-Hazey

With Influences ranging from Green Day to Nirvana, Tipperary band Kill ‘Em Charlie has incorporated this raw, aggressive, and edgy mix into a whirlwind of crunchy textures and energetic soundscapes. The group’s new single Hazey swells with the band’s unbridled energy, intricate guitar fills and an underlying thump that demands a repeated listen.

Cavalcade-Feels Like Home

East London four-piece Cavalcade has returned with another edgy indie rock’n’roll single. Crackling with propulsive energetic drums, chugging guitars and a pulsing bassline Feels Like Home is a strutting indie rock track with a swagger.

The Big Three-The Animal

Before The Beatles became the biggest Liverpool export to date, the Rock N’ Roll band ‘The Big Three’ headlined the Merseyside sound and were the biggest band of the day. The modern line-up continues the tradition of unruly rock n roll with the bands new single The Animal. A great retro-inspired rock track, this single rumbles with a vibrant rhythm section, slabs of riveting guitar work, and a stellar production.

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