New Releases-Chris Ledwidge-Summer Electronics

Since the start of 2021 musician composer and producer Chris Ledwidge has been releasing his thoughtful compilation of music entitled, the ‘Seasons EP’. Building a stunning introspective catalogue of transition in four parts, the artist has threaded together classical electronic and ambient arrangements to create a unique body of work. After the release of his two acclaimed EP’s, ‘Winter | Piano and Strings’ and ‘Spring | Drones, Loops & Noise’, earlier this year. Ledwidge has just released the third EP in the series ‘Summer | Electronics’ merging his influences of electronic producer Nicolas Jaar, contemporary composer Nicholas Britell with the intricacies of Aphex Twin & Boards of Canada.

Following on from the meditative tones that have lingered throughout his previous work, Summer Electronics finds Ledwidge re-emerging with a new batch of experimental sonic tones and textures. Ambling together a tender fusion of gentle piano chords and strings, No.20 in C Minor opens Summer Electronics. It’s a melodious and immersive listening experience easing us into the EP with a delicate melancholic tone.

Percolating with a stuttering beat and a hypnotic melodic synth pattern No. 18 in E Minor is a mesmerising piece jammed full of luscious textures with guitars, synths and bass carrying the melody. The hypnotic rhythm and simple yet effective chord progressions produce a profoundly soothing piece that perfectly evolves the EP into the spellbinding electronic tones of No.31 in C and the simmering digital patterns of No. 35 in A Minor.

Ending with No. 24 in C Minor the EP draws to a stunning close with Ledwidge creating a full vibrant track that’s underpinned by a pulsing rhythm and richly layered electronic sounds. It’s a fantastic ending to a great EP that is a remarkable brew of meditative, bright and striking melodies.

Check out the new EP from Chris Ledwidge below!

Summer | Electronics by Chris Ledwidge

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