New Release: Joan Healy – Running Wild

Joan Healy released her debut single Running Wild, a metaphorical but also literal song about love and taking a leap.

Joan is an independent singer/songwriter from Kildare. She has been passionate about singing and writing her own music since her early childhood, coming from an artistic background and singing for the school choir. Having learned guitar as an adult Joan now performs at open mic nights and takes her guitar out busking.

About Running Wild, Joan says “the single was inspired by my decision to run wild in life. It is metaphorical and literal; in that, I enjoy running free in nature and the song gives me a feeling of being excited and losing the run of myself. It is a salute to the brief insanity of being in love.

Produced and mastered by Colm Cahill, Running Wild is an upbeat funky single with hints of blues and an air of unapologetic confession. I feel like Joan really means it when she says “I’ll meet you at the top” and she plans to get us dancing on her way there.

With plans to release her next single later this year, I’m excited to see what she has in store for us next. You can follow Joan on Spotify to keep up with her future releases.

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