New Releases-Rory Gillanders-Fuel To The Fire

Rory Gillanders is back with his new single titled Fuel To the Fire. Taken from his upcoming EP Wilderness, which is due out later this year, this song is another anthemic single that will resonate with fans of Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, and Springsteen. An artist who knows his way around clever and engaging melodies, Rory Gillanders bridges together elements of folk-rock and indie to create a nostalgic ear-pleasing sound.

Riding on a light laid-back guitar strum that’s fleshed out by harmonica, a Dylan-esque vocal melody, and a sparkling blues guitar riff. Gillanders produces a full alt-folk sound with the drums providing a great kinetic bounce to the song’s rhythm. The arrangement, texture, and subtle build to a rousing chorus creating a retro tone that sounds like it was plucked straight from Dylan’s songbook.

Gillanders’ new single not only shows the sophistication he has developed in his song writing over the last couple of years, but his ability to write raw lyrics that delve into diverse universal themes. The perfect follow-up to Eye of The Hurricane, Fuel to The Fire, is the type of track that sinks its teeth into you.

Check it out now below!

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