New Release: Aaron Everything – Nosebleeds

Aaron Everything is back with his new release Nosebleeds, a homage to the warm feeling you get when you look at pictures of nights out with friends.

Aaron recalls seeing photos of artists he looked up to with nosebleeds when he was growing up. It’s still a trend we see today with artists like Billie Eilish and The Weekend. Nosebleeds is about those photos we take when we’re having a good time with our friends.

Aaron takes us back to when he first fell in love with Hip Hop with the line ‘Roll Deep, More homies than the video for Oldie’ a reference to the 10-minute track by OFWGKTA. Aaron says “I remember the photo of the whole collective, sitting for a photoshoot on the day of the music video recording. It just brings me back so many happy memories of listening to them“. He goes on to note that you rarely see the group members together nowadays, but that’s the beauty of photographs, you can revisit times gone by.

Nosebleeds is an upbeat, high-energy track, with nostalgic video game vibes and filled with gaming and cartoon references as Aaron is known for. His witty lyrics combined with the uplifting, nostalgic beats, added to by Julian Ramirez, make this a catchy single from your first listen. This is one to liven up the road trip playlist, if you can keep up with the lyrics you’ll sing as well as dance.

You can follow Aaron Everything on Instagram and Spotify to keep up to date with his releases.

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