Ali Comerford Releases New Album-Knots

Having made a name for herself, producing original folk-based, classically influenced songs that are crammed with emotional complexities and heartfelt sincerity. Classical violist turned folk troubadour Ali Comerford will release her eagerly awaited debut album ‘Knots’ on July 29th. Born and raised in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, the songstress has not only graced the likes of New York Carnegie Hall, London’s Royal Albert Hall, and Dublin’s National Concert Hall but has toured the world with Lincoln Center Stage, playing sold-out shows around Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Returning home to Ireland in January 2020, Ali explored the full scope of her musicality playing, producing, and singing every note on her new album Knots. Recorded at Crossroads Studio, Kilkenny, with Engineer Shane Tobler at the helm. Knots overflows with beautiful tender moments of balladry and a wealth of raw emotion.

Opening with the ear-pleasing Don’t Wait, Ali immediately pulls at your heartstrings. A poignant and reflective ballad with a delicate vocal delivery and light contemplative piano notes. This track is a great taster of things to come. The second track, Gently, lives up to its name. A straightforward folk ballad, Ali picks a soft acoustic guitar progression as her vocals carry an irresistible melody that floats through the air exuding a sense of calmness and sensitivity. The album’s first single, He Knows is a moving acoustic folk song that showcases Comerford’s natural talent for stringed instruments. Weaving luscious strings around a dulcet guitar melody Ali creates a dreamy atmosphere. Speaking about the song Ali says “He knows’ is a lilting song about leaving an unfulfilling relationship, the ups and downs of seeking support elsewhere and the resignation that the truth will always come out.”

Understand is a 40-second interlude that glides us into the simmering Come Home. The minimalist instrumentation, thick guitar chords, haunting lyrics, and delicate vocal melody, create a brooding and atmospheric sound. It’s a fantastic track that showcases Comerford’s adept musicianship. Bird’s-Eye View follows with its chiming harmonies, flowing melody and rich poetic lyrics. It’s an incredibly touching and intimate song that adds an extra depth to the album. The album’s title track Knots is a minimal folk song that has a simple, melodious and sincere sound to it. Ali uses a stripped back arrangement of piano and vocals to reflect the vulnerability that comes with anxiety. This light production makes for a powerful listen as her raw vocal delivery pulls you in with its timeless hypnotic melody.

America 1,2,3 are three short, comical fillers that lighten the mood of the album with Ali, giving her views on America’s stance on immigration. These are a great contrasting sound from the meandering folk tones of Lilly’s Song and the harsh tonality of stringed instrumentation that runs through Warned. Mess brings the album full circle with Comerford penning an emotionally driven piano ballad.

Overall this is a great folk album that anticipates a bright future for Ali Comerford. Ali will also be performing a launch gig in the Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre in Kilkenny on July 30th! Tickets are available from here.

Order the album here:

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