Michelle Ward Captivates With Debut Single 

I have a great appreciation for music artists who are able to competently tell a story over a pop song. Michelle Ward, whose debut single ‘Dolly Daydreaming’ has just been released, could teach a master class in storytelling.

The story is told from the perspective of a friend of Michelle’s who was having an affair with a married woman. It is about his desire for a life with this person that could never be achieved. Hence the aptly named title ‘Dolly Daydreaming.’

‘It’s all romantic. Feels fantastic. Bedroom gymnastics. It ain’t real. You’re a Dolly Daydreaming fella.’

The beauty in her lyrics is that she tells a compelling story with few words. He vocal delivery and choice of music style go a long way in making a complete story that feel very well rounded. She has a natural way of telling a story that never feels forced.

Shove me in shut me out
That girl is taken
She won’t be leaving him for you
You have no money
She’s got none of her own what’s a girl to do Her man pays for everything
But she cheats with you

This woman is a powerhouse when it comes to organic storytelling and already has me hooked on her lyrics. The fact that she has an incredible voice and wonderful ear for music and how to pair it with her lyrics is a true testament to her artistry. She definitely has a bright future ahead of her. 

Stream the new single: https://open.spotify.com/track/6z4DPC7xnOJHEJDFiFfBHK?si=ba83314899634459

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