New Releases-Trouble Pilgrims-’21st Century Girl’

With a multitude of releases behind their belt, Trouble Pilgrims have returned to continue the legacy of high-energy punk that became synonymous with the group’s former identity as The Radiators From Space. The legendary band’s new single, 21st Century Girl, is the first to be dropped from their highly expected 2nd album, Blood Glass and Gasoline. Recorded in September 2020 at Hellfire Studios and completed during the COVID lockdown at Pete Holidai’s newly constructed Pilgrim Sound studio. This single focuses on the ever-relevant theme of respect for women by men and the acceptance of interchangeable roles within any relationship.

A thumping punk track with a memorable hook and strong melody. This simple and energetic guitar-driven single is glued together with layers of crunchy guitars, an earworm hook and a barrage of punchy beats. A chunky bassline propels the song forward into a blistering chorus that captures the untamed sound of the band. Furious, catchy and seeping with Trouble Pilgrims natural restlessness, 21st Century Girl is a complete masterclass on punk. Turn it up!!

The band’s self-financed and produced ‘TV Special’ an hour-long ‘Dark Shadows and Rust: live In The Studio’ was screened at the IFI Cinema on Thursday, March 21, 2019, is now available for viewing on YouTube here.

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