New Releases-Aaron Everything – Constant Disturbance

Aaron Everything is back with his recent release Constant Disturbance, this is a catchy track from the beginning. A sugary banger about life finding a way to come between you and your significant other.

Aaron, 23, from Donegal, credits his energetic, emo rap sound to a combination of the energy of the frequent storms at home in the wild Atlantic Way, his rejection of the closed-minded surroundings he calls home, and his time spent in online communities. Aaron never felt at home taking part in the long-established activities in his town and finding comfort in music, he gravitated toward SoundCloud and its melancholic styles. This influence can be heard throughout Constant Disturbance.

Aaron says the line “Now supper at sunrise and that’s all over you” refers to sitting up all night texting a girl when trying to balance work, music, and education and make time for a relationship. The lyrics throughout are witty and filled with references to cartoons and things that Aaron enjoys.

Aaron Everything is an up-and-coming artist with a unique sound, and a talented lyricist. To listen to his past releases, you can check him out on Spotify, and to keep up to date on future releases, follow him on Instagram.

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