New Releases-Train Room-Delicate Bones

Train Room is back with Delicate Bones, the first single from his new album, Hurricane Of Love, scheduled for release on August 20th. The brainchild of Balla songwriter, musician and producer Joe Monaghan, the songwriter has been growing and maturing his sound over the last decade, creating his own distinctive blend of alluring indie-folk. The songwriter’s newest release, Delicate Bones, finds him delivering a breeze of a single.

Delicate Bones is an endearing, warm, and sophisticated record that showcases Train Room’s development as a musician and producer. Carried by a blend of gentle acoustic guitars, a weaving guitar hook and perfectly placed intervals of piano. This track unfolds softly as the subtle percussion arrangement gradually builds, lifting the tone of the song into a rousing chorus.

There is nothing overly complicated about Delicate Bones. It’s a superb track with a warm, comforting sound and engaging melody, which is anchored by Train Room’s timeless song writing.

Check out the new single below and keep an eye on Train Room’s socials for more updates.

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