New Releases-Emperor Of Ice Cream-High Rise, Low Rise

Forming in 1992, John ‘Haggis’ Hegarty (vocals), Graham Finn (guitar), Edward Butt (bass), Colum Young (drums) quickly rose to fame, abandoning their beloved Cork for the music hub that was 90s London. Touring regularly with welsh band The Manic Street Preachers, as well as releasing a string of successful E. P’s, including Overflow, William and Know Me, the band eventually parted ways with Sony Records, becoming woven into the rich tapestry of Irish Rock history. After a 25-year hiatus, Emperor Of Ice-cream reunited in 2020 for the release of their debut album, No Sound Ever Dies. Since then, the legendary Cork band has not only taken the indie charts by storm (going straight to number one) but have created a demand for their indie-rock discography.

Having just released the final instalment from their critically acclaimed debut, No Sound Ever Dies. The legendary Cork bands new single ‘High Rise, Low Rise’ is a shimmering, hook-filled melody with a balmy 90s dream-pop sound. This intoxicating 90s sound bubbles with layers of lush, fluid guitar tones, subdued vocals, and a smooth rhythmic bassline that flows effortlessly into a catchy, mellow chorus that has a distinctive edge to it. With fuzzy, otherworldly tones and dynamics, High Rise, Low Rise is a great slab of 90s dream pop.

Check out the new video for High Rise, Low Rise below which was written and directed by Veronica Terreblanche and reimagined by Emperors frontman John Haggis.

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