New Releases-Blue Fish Diamond-Song For Love

“I’ll take your hand and I’ll lead you to the sea
Where we will travel far
In search of perfect star light”

With a flair for creating music that can uplift and transport the listener to a better world, Blue Fish Diamond have returned with their impressive new single, Song For Love. Produced by Gavin Glass in Orphan Recording studios, Song for Love describes a form of love to which many of us aspire to have.

Meticulously produced, this dreamy, dewy single begins with a sweet piano motif that lures the listener in before gradually building with mellow acoustic guitars and genteel vocals. Matching the ethereal state of the lyrics, a sea of tender guitar hooks weaves around lavish strings and richly textured instrumentation. The lyrics are the highlight of this superb track, filled with idyllic imagery of a Utopian love the group paint a Lennon-esque view of humanity. Speaking about the song, Jim Murphy said :“Song for Love is about pure love. It speaks to a connection that transcends the material world, conveyed through dreamy imagery. While the picture it paints is Utopian, I think that many of us try to build aspects of its sentiment into our relationships.”

Producing a song reminiscent of the infectious melodies of Burt Bacharach with hints of The Beatles, Song For Love is a fantastic new single from Blue Fish Diamond.

Along with the single release they are also announcing their new album, ‘Frozen Stars on the Night’ will be released Oct 28th and is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp.

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