New Releases-Strange Souvenirs-Nothing2

‘Nothing2’ by Strange Souvenirs is an excellent musical journey and we are obsessed!

Author: Greg Fairley

Strange Souvenirs are made up of Thomas Juhnke and Matthias Juhnke. Their sound is infused with influences from the 80s and 90s sounds with elements of electronica and indie. They have arrived with their newest track ‘Nothing2’. The song starts off with a nice indie feel to it with guitar and drums complimenting each other nicely. The song sounds similar to the band Muse, very well done. The vocals on the song compliment the instrumental nicely and builds and pauses to work with the song well. The song was written by Strange Souvenirs themselves and produced with Cameron James Laing who helped turn this mini demo into something different and exciting.

The song itself explores the feeling of being happy but yet simultaneously feeling nothing. The vocal delivery on the song helps to convey this message well. The song has been extremely well crafted to fit the style and emotional delivery of the song. The track appears to finish at 2:21 then it reignites with a more intense sound with an accumulation of more instruments into the mix. This dramatic build up continues to the end of the track as a form of dramatic cleansing from the troubled past that is being conveyed on this track. Extremely well thought out and carefully designed to go beyond a typical musical structure for a track, excellent work from them!

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