New Releases-Pine The Pilcrow-Black Hills

An ambient folk collective of sorts Pine the Pilcrow are experts at producing fleshed out sonic arrangements that have an earthy, cinematic, and ear-pleasing tone to them. Following the release of their 2020 single If It’s True the group have returned with their new single Black Hills. Produced by Alex Borwick (Parliament-Funkadelic, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Niamh Regan, Lankum) this single is a further departure from the quartets minimal beginnings with the group deploying a host of new instruments and techniques.

A perfect balance of melodic textures and atmospheric ambiences Pine the Pilcrow have meshed together a tense bed of rhythmic pizzicato motifs, punctuated percussion and light sparkles of piano. Developing the track around this structure. The group create an air of suspense and uncertainty, as the single softly builds with progressively intensifying sounds and subdued vocals that beautifully reflect the soft chaos that naturally flows around us.

About his first contribution to the group as singer and songwriter, cellist Rob Campbell had this to say….“Most people have a place, or places they go for headspace. Ardgillan Castle is one of mine. I’d often walk its boundaries, off the beaten track… this area is called Black Hills. The song is about going there as my therapy when life feels shitty. I just pass through and watch nature carry on regardless of the world around… life in full voice. It breaks the walls down, resets perspective, reminds me that I’m just a tiny part of something incredible and unfathomable. There’s comfort for me in that.”

A meticulously crafted single that is both emotional and technically impressive, Pine the Pilcrow have produced an incredible track that is a fantastic melting pot for the ears.

Check it out now at the link below!

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