New Releases- Sea High-Bad Habits

Sea High is a multi-instrumentalist, rapper, producer and spoken word artist from Louth. He has become well known on the live music scene in Dublin, Louth and the festival circuit, has perfomed spoken word at the GPO as part of District’s New Voices and won Hip Hop Song of the Year at Liffey FM’s Snowglobe Awards 2020.

Bad Habits is an ode to despair, an honest commentary on living with mental illness and the struggle of trying to fight it ourselves by self medicating and seeking the approval of those around us. He tells a compelling story of an environment that discourages school children from showing emotion while pressuring them to keep pace with their peers in lessons. He describes the internal attack depression can impose on us and the internal pressure embrace mania to get back on top of things, all while highlighting the self depreciation we put ourselves through, blaming our coping mechanisms for our troubles.

Combining panicked lyricism with orchestral instrumentals and a cinematic beat, Bad Habits encourages the listener to take a closer look at their own routines, societal environment and bad habits. Sea High brings something fresh to the Irish Hip Hop scene, a catchy yet thought provoking single designed for an audience to both bob their heads and think about the message conveyed.

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