Martin Aelred Colgan releases Last Boat to St. Helena

A multi-talented musician playing the classical guitar, cello, piano, violin and numerous other instruments. Martin Aelred Colgan can sing fluently in Italian, Spanish and French. Martin has fronted a number of bands and now embarks on a solo journey with the release of his EPK titled Last Boat to St. Helena, a return to his alternative rock routes and a testament to his musical talent as he has produced, arranged & performed on all tracks using experience he gained making his production debut with Juni Morrison of P Funk.

About the title single Last Boat to St. Helena, Martin says “Isolation was something I’d never experienced until the evening of March 22 2020 where from my attic studio I could see the search lights of police helicopters over the Glasgow skyline. Coincidentally I was working on the remix of the last boat to St Helena a tiny island which oddly enough had spent its whole life in isolation so I reckon I wasn’t to be totally alone that first night of lockdown.”

Given the isolation we have all experienced in recent times this single will be relatable to most, it’s gentle melancholic melodies are both soothing and inspiring and his lyrics are fitting for the times that we’re living in, coming out of isolation and braving the world after so long.

You can check out the single on Youtube and find Martin on Facebook if you’d like to follow him on his Solo journey.

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