New Releases-Co-living Culture-Renegador

Music is culture. Culture lasts forever“.

The first post-Covid headliner to play Ireland in over a year James Vincent McMorrow has returned with his new group Co-Living Culture. Joining forces with David Anthony Curley (Otherkin) and Cody Lee the trio will release their new dance track Renegador on June 25th. In an aim to highlight the housing crisis and the destruction of venues in Dublin, the group are hoping to use this project to draw attention to the severe lack of cultural spaces for artists.

As we continue to nosedive into a cultural emergency, with artists and venues being pushed to peripheries, the group have taken inspiration from the lack of venues. Explaining the single they said: “Renegador started out as an incredible amount of fun in the studio one day. The more we worked on the song, the more we talked about places in Dublin where you might hear a record like this being played. Honestly, we struggled to come up with any. In the last 5 years so much has changed, we are of the opinion that cultural and art spaces are the beating heart of a city, but so many of them have been taken away and replaced with structures that aren’t meant for those who occupy the city at all.”

Throbbing with a classic 90s dance sound, Renegador is an anthemic multi-layered EDM single that builds around a flurry of pummelling synths, washes of piano and driven kick beats. This layered sound design sets a strong foundation for invigorating catchy vocals that drop the listener deep into Co-Living Cultures sonic world. An infectious, energetic single that breathes with an open authenticity. Co-Living Culture has not only captured the essence of club culture but has produced an open love letter to a scene that is being snatched away from Dublin city.

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