Johnny & The Brewsers Release-Day In The Sun

Johnny & The Brewsers Release Day In The Sun, a fast paced Blues Rock influenced tune, born as a solo project out of lockdown.

Johnny, a drummer with years of experience in live performance and recording, took time out from the scene to focus on learning other instruments. Having lived and traveled through Europe for a few years he returned to Ireland in early 2020 and in early 2021 began writing songs and developed the idea for his debut EP Lounge Lizard Licks, featuring the single Day In The Sun, released in May 2021. Johnny is already working on a follow up EP.

Day In The Sun, is an fast paced track embracing the DIY ethos, as Johnny wrote, performed, engineered and produced the recording in his sitting room. The homemade quality of the impressively finished track, I feel, adds to the overall impression I get from the song. Johnny is an independent Irish artist and from my first listening of this track his talent was evident, understandably his drumming is amazing, that was his initial interest, but his vocals are authentic and energetic and his guitar playing almost overshadow his drums.

I highly recommend checking out the video for this single on YouTube and keeping an eye on Johnny & The Brewsers on Instagram.

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