New Releases-One Morning In August-Lovers By Surprise

2020 saw Waterford/Carlow band One Morning In August releasing their critically acclaimed self-titled album, firmly cementing them as one of Ireland’s most promising acts. Inspired by a wide range of bands One Morning In August have channelled the magnetic energy of Mogwai with the jangly rock tones of REM to create a unique hybrid indie sound of their own.

Released on June 18th their new single Lovers By Surprise finds the band teaming up with producer Dan Ayers to produce another light indie single that displays the musical mastery of the band. Pivoting this single around bright expressive guitar tones and a buoyant drum beat Lover By Surprise has a steady upbeat flow to it. With compelling unforced vocals, and lyrics that radiate a nostalgic and bittersweet tone, it’s impossible not to be coaxed in by this easy on the ears tune.

A brilliant single that not only captures the ever-evolving sound of One Morning In August but breathes new life into Irish indie rock.

Check out One Morning In August over at Bandcamp!

Their eponymous debut album will also be re-issued on limited edition CD by FIFA Records on June 11th and is available to order now via Bandcamp.

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