New Releases-Brí -If I Wasn’t Scared

Gently dancing between the genres of folk, alt-pop and indie Irish artist Brí is back to take us on another magical journey into her melodic, lamenting world.

The Offaly artists fifth single If I Wasn’t Scared is a poignantly reflective ballad that reaffirms her credentials as one of the most exciting artists around.

An earthy ethereal blend of folk and indie Brí’s new single is a gradual build of overarching guitar melodies, dimmed beats and stringed instruments that add a soulful depth to the track’s sonic textures. Drifting atop this gentle backdrop of instrumentation are emotionally charged vocals that trickle with authenticity and tenderness.

Brí’s voice exudes honesty and vulnerability as she draws inspiration from a man’s perspective of a relationship. Explaining the song Brí said: “‘If I Wasn’t Scared’ assumes a man’s perspective of a relationship as he struggles to balance his feelings with a ‘tough guy’ image, particularly among ‘the boys.’ It is a toxic masculinity tale that strips back cold layers of indifference and questions the fear that it uncovers.”

An artist who pours every fibre of her being into her songwriting, If I Wasn’t Scared is a brilliantly crafted timeless gem that gives us an intriguing glimpse into the songwriter’s upcoming debut album Hide, due in October.

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