New Releases-Zach James Douglas- Even As The Knife Went In

Zach James Douglas is an indie/alternative producer and songwriter, hailing from Dublin. Having had the pleasure of playing festivals such as Glastonbury and Electric Picnic with former band “Little One.” His second single Even As The Knife Went Through finds him taking inspiration from Sylvan Esso, Grimes, Maribou State, and The Knife, producing a blistering dance record that features guest vocalist Saoirse.

A refreshing take on heartbreak Douglas brilliantly juxtaposes poignant lyrics with sunny waves of synths and an airy melody that draws attention to Saoirse impressive vocals. Beneath the fizzy allure of this slow-burning dance track, Douglas prods into the destructive and devastating side of toxic relationships. Speaking about the song, the artist said… “Even as the Knife Went Through” explores the scarred mental state of someone who’s been hurt by a previous partner. It details the intimacy and trust issues that a person develops within future relationships and how despite being the target of such abuse, they still tend to carry a sense of guilt and a deeply hard-wired love for their ex-partner.”

A recurring theme throughout Douglas’ first furore into the moody abyss of a solo songwriter is the concept of nature versus technology. This is best illustrated through the stark contrast and combinations of natural, conventional instrumentation and synthetic glitchy soundscapes. However, it is also seen through Z.J. D’s desire to dispel the natural feelings of shame, anxiety and depression and instead, compartmentalise and methodically process these emotions in a way that humans are generally not capable of.

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