New Releases-Tracy Bruen-Better Than This

Galway’s Tracy Bruen is back with a song to soothe the soul and shine a big shiny light of hope on the future. Recorded and mixed by Ray Diamond, Better Than This was written by Tracy and arranged collaboratively with her band. The first new music from the songstress since her 2020 radio hit Dream Away finds her diving into the theme of love and loss.

Better Than This captures the realisation that life’s challenges and heartache make us not only who we are but helps to strengthen the deep bonds of love in relationships. Investing in an irresistible folk melody that carries an uplifting air, Tracey expresses her appreciation for the love she already has in her life. With the opening lyrics setting the tone for gratitude and reflection, the Galway songstress sweetly sings “I looked at you lately/With a smile in your eyes/ Well it doesn’t get better than/ Better than this.”

Accompanied by a heart-warming video that has been directed by filmmaker AMW Visual, the Galway photographer EMJ Camera, lent a selection of her stunning series of lockdown photos to the video. She explains… “All of the photos for this independent ‘Self Isolation Portrait’ project were taken during the first lockdown in 2020, the time when people couldn’t see many other faces or leave their houses. People posed at their safe place at their doorstep, introducing one of the new hobbies they took up since the world went into a shutdown. The agenda was very simple- to show some positive and uplifting news, as well as to link and support each other during the doom and gloom times.”

Better Than This is available on all digital platforms now!

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