New Releases-Ten Eighty Trees – Fear of Falling

Newcastle-based rock band, Ten Eighty Trees release new single Fear of Falling.

This single is another of those I find personally relatable, Nathan, singer & guitarist of Ten Eighty Trees, says of the formation of the song: “Fear of Falling, to put it simply, is about my experiences with PTSD. I had a pretty horrific accident about 4 years ago and really struggled with sleep deprivation in the aftermath.” The song so perfectly describes my own experience with anxiety and insomnia. In fact, I have massive dream catcher permanently inked on my back to ward off the Fear of Falling.

The energy in this single is amazing, from the outset the punchy rhythms are uplifting, energising, yet don’t encroach on the ultimate sorrow behind the powerful vocals, the confession of fear. Something about that mix of energy and honesty about the darker thoughts that led to the songs existence I find inspirational, it’s like watching someone take on their own demons.

I highly recommend giving this single a listen, along with the band’s several other releases on Spotify. We’ll definitely be hearing more about this group in the future, a very talented trio of lads with a fresh rock sound.

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