New Releases-Ali Comerford -Knots

Following the success of her single, He Knows earlier this year Kilkenny based songwriter Ali Comerford will release her new single Knots on May 27th. This is the first single to be released from her debut album of the same title which is scheduled for release on July 29th. Exploring the full scope of her musicality after touring the world for 14 years, Ali has written, sang, played and produced every note on her upcoming album.

Speaking about her new single Ali explains Knots as:

 “Knots is a song I wrote about anxiety, something we all struggle with at one time or another. At the time, I was going through a stage of intense anxiety. I worried about the fact that I hadn’t released any music, about whether people would enjoy my songs or not, and also overanalyzed every little thing I had ever done wrong. I wasn’t sleeping properly and found I was lying awake at night, replaying old conversations and feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Anxiety is an extremely isolating thing because when you’re in it, you believe that you are the only person who feels like this. I think it’s powerful when people can speak about their own struggles and maybe eventually it will help us all feel less alone.”

Expressing the emotional and physical unrest that comes with anxiety through her insightful lyrics, Ali uses a stripped back arrangement of piano and vocals to exude the vulnerability that comes with anxiety. This minimal production makes for a powerful listen as her raw vocal delivery pulls you in with its timeless hypnotic melody. Drawing on her background in classical training, the songwriter has produced a minimal folk song that has a simple, melodious and sincere sound to it.

Check out the new single below and keep an eye on Ali Comerford’s socials for more news on her upcoming debut album Knots.

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