The Jonah Medal – From M To M

Continuing his theme of reflection on the life of a 40 something-year-old Bjorn Baillie otherwise known as The Jonah Medal has returned with his new single From M to M. Starting his creative mission in 2020, The Jonah Medal began as a way for Baillie to challenge his own musical progression, turning within to address the issues of everyday life.

After the release of his single Septembering in February, the latest release from the songwriter finds him melding together his charming life-affirming lyrics with a memorable piano intro. This breezy single has a vintage summer sheen to it with flecks of jangly guitars, layered backing vocals and a playful indelible chorus. Speaking about the song Ballie said “The last single Septembering was about that journey as a couple from early days straight through to family and all that brings. This song is like the impatient foot-tap of midlife – eager to keep pushing and creating.”

Recorded in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles and Nick Cave’s studio in Brighton, the songwriter has crafted an infectious whimsical slice of folk-rock that establishes his identity as a fun-loving retro songwriter.

Check out the new video below!

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