New Releases-Elbé-Known To Move

Cork group Elbé is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Seamus Allen, who after combining forces with Nora Frederich’s intuitive, groove-based drumming and Kieran Fitzgerald’s melodic bass lines have created their own impressive sound and identity.

After dropping their debut EP Contours in May 2019 the group started working with producer and engineer Christian Best (Mick Flannery, O Emperor, Paddy Dennehy, BRIARS). The first release from this partnership was released in October 2020 followed up by the indie gem Only You in February 2021. The band’s latest single Known To Move is a finely blended concoction of warm folk tones with elements of indie rock.

Opening with a prominent rhythmic acoustic guitar melody this irresistible single grows into a warm, mature, robust song with subtle layers of bright piano keys shining throughout the arrangement. This is the type of song that slowly bursts to life, drawing the listener in with the punchy warm thump of drums and a melodic flowing bassline that drives the song’s compelling rhythm.

A bittersweet tone seeps from the vocals, with the lyrics wringing out the emotions of natural endings and new beginnings. Writing the song before he emigrated to Canada, Seamus explores not only the feelings of pure excitement but also the nervousness that comes with starting a new life.

Simmering with depth and emotional richness Known To Move is a refreshing and flawless single from a band whose presence lingers long after the music fritters away.

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