Vincent Galvin-Scheduled To Release New Single -Strange

Cork songwriter Vincent Galvin is set to release the first single from his long-overdue album Firstfruits on May 15th. Having spent his time honing his craft in the UK as lead guitarist/session musician for some of the most influential people from 90s British guitar rock. Galvin moved to Ireland in 2005 joining Cork band Neon Atlas, with him eventually forming power-trio Echo soul. The first album from the songwriter is a collection of new, old and unreleased songs recorded between 2011 and 2021.Overflowing with deep reflections and statements of gratitude Vincent Galvin’s debut, single Strange is a blend of folk and alt-rock with hints of 90s nostalgia.

With a knack for creating melodies that have a deceptively simple and effortless sound, Galvin’s debut single sounds as if it has existed forever.

Populated with an ever-cresting swell of melodic tones, Galvin uses soft drums, crisp percussion and serene guitars to exude a soothing reflective atmosphere. As the single slowly unfurls into a nodding melodic chorus, the songwriters laid-back vocals are pierced with a soft tenderness, unearthing raw lyrics that convey a feeling of estrangement from the world.

The depth, emotional honesty and softness of the melody, make Strange a single that’s impossible not to fall in love with. This is a beautiful and contemplative track that’s worth a listen… Or three.

Check it out now & find out more information on Vincent Galvin on Bandcamp.

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