Pete and Tom on Song- Release New Single-Get Dan

Written and recorded by Pete and Tom, two Dublin gentlemen, Get Dan is a catchy single. I’m not sure who Dan is, but he sounds like a great guy to know. Get Dan, the man with the van. I’m singing his praises around the house, and I love any song with a good “babababa ba ba” for those of us that don’t always catch all the lyrics to join in on.

Pete and Tom originally played in a band together in the 80s and have decided to get back to business having got together for some practice sessions and realising their passion for music hasn’t left them over the years. The pair are looking forward to releasing an Album, with Get Dan being their sixth single since reuniting and, they say, a good indication of the sound they will be playing with going forward.

Written about reaching a point in your life when the time comes to take a chance, hit the road with Dan, and realise your full potential or stay put and let go of a dream. With Pete on lead guitar and Tom leading vocals, the single opens with a shoulder swaying melody, soft and optimistic. The addition of Aingeala De Burca’s violin almost adds a sense of wanderlust. By the second chorus I found I was already humming along.

This is a single I think everyone can relate to and with its catchy chorus and head-bopping rhythm, it’s one I’m sure I’ll be fond of singing along to in the car.

Check out Get Dan below & keep an eye on Pete & Toms socials for new releases.

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