New Releases-Conrad Ashton- Those Were The Days

An ever-evolving, no-frills singer-songwriter. Conrad Ashton shares modern rock music firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. Infusing his music with sincerity and remarkable passion, Conrad Ashton’s new single displays another side to the artist, adding an extra oomph to his extensive discography. Putting together a full band for this recording Conrad has recreated his acoustic single Those Were The Days as an electrically charged classic rock song.

Influenced by legendary bands like The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Ashton instantly gives us a masterclass on soft-loud-soft dynamics. Building from its humble origins of acoustic pickings and synths the melody naturally progresses into a bold, energetic chorus that’s jammed with a thumping bass line, brash guitars and shouty vocals.

Explaining the song as: “A song of reflection on the past and being strong with those around you moving forward.” Conrad’s natural passion for life and his eternal optimism seeps through with every hum of this single.

An uplifting whirlwind of rock that cements Conrad Ashton as one of the UK’s most versatile songwriters. Those Were The Days is a catchy arena-worthy single that is the perfect homage to vintage rock.

Check it out now below!

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