New Releases-Zach James Douglas – Something/Anything

Zach James Douglas – Something/Anything – 28th April 2021

I put off writing this review, listening to the single in fact. I regret that now, a decision made on reading the inspiration behind it.

About the song Douglas says…“Something/Anything deals with the bitterness and the anger that began to engulf mine and my Ex’s relationship, as she struggled to come to terms with her own personal demons and issues at home. It documents how my role in her life began to change from one of positivity, comfort and reliability, to the new position of the perpetual scapegoat.”

Indie/Alternative, Producer and Songwriter Zach James Douglas grew up in Tallaght, sustained by Guiness and crisps in city centre dive bars, he’s had the pleasure of playing festivals with his former band Little One. This is his solo debut, featuring guest vocalist Kintsuku.

Documenting the role of a supportive partner, turned safe place, battling the issues that come with mental illness and the strength it takes to support someone suffering. Now that I’ve heard it, it’s beautiful. I live the opposite role to this perspective, hence my initial reluctance to listen.

Opening softly, we’re lulled into focus by the soft, tranquil first verse before before the chorus breaths passion and life into the song. A continuous sing a long melody follows through to the end, I imagine this one will appeal to karaoke fans. It’s a tune you could play anywhere to any audience, beautiful and meaningful and I’m glad it arrived in my inbox.

To me this single is a message of support and encouragement from my opposite. An important message, encouraging those fighting their own demons to seek help from the appropriate channels. A reminder that we can’t crutch on one person or we’ll bring them down with us, yet always in a loving melody, not resentful as I feared it may be.

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