Pete Mac and Lisa Papineau – Escape

Escape – Pete Mac and Lisa Papineau – Released April 2nd 2021

This single has an ethereal feel to it, opening softly with a thought provoking first verse the tone begins to darken. Each verse, more haunting than the last, delves deeper until we’re finally lead to a swell of lightness in the repeating of the hope inspiring chorus.

Written in lock down, inspired by isolation, the track really captures the introspection we all fall victim to, as well as that caged feeling we can all surely relate to, given the year passed. More importantly, the prevailing message through the beautifully haunting melodies is to look forward, rather than behind, stop repeating the words that bring you down and escape within yourself. I really enjoy it, it feels like a journey in under six minutes.

Pete Mac brings melodic grunge tones, while Lisa Papineau transforms the tone of the single, with her light harmonies, into something more ethereal and hope inspiring. Together they have made something amazing fit for any mood.

Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Paradox, Pete Mac is experienced in his art. This single is the result of him experimenting with different sounds throughout lock down and, personally, I hope that experimentation continues because I can’t wait to hear more of what he has to offer.

Escape | Pete Mac, Lisa Papineau | Paradox (

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