New Releases -Peco-Three Deep Breaths

No matter how many times I have heard the opening riff of Three Deep Breaths by Peco, I am immediately drawn in by its bright, infectious tone. The first instalment from Peco’s new album scheduled for release later this year delivers a breezy melody with a deep undercurrent. Based on an old school Americana arrangement, the Kildare songsmith’s new single is a mid-tempo Americana folk song with hints of indie rock.

Building this single around a warm blend of guitar textures with an easy-going whistling melody. Peco has packed this record with multi-layered guitar hooks, rolling rhythms, and steel-stringed instrumentation. Accompanied by his distinctive folk-tinged vocals, the lyrics focus on how time is the only currency that matters during times of emotional turmoil.

Filled out by an exceptional talent of musicians Three Deep Breaths not only carries a smooth polished sound, but has an earworm of a hook that will undoubtedly stick in your head for many years to come. A great single that you’ll find yourself hitting replay on, long into the summer.

Check it out now !

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