Rory Gillanders Releases New Single – Eye Of A Hurricane

Stitching together elements of folk and rock, Dublin songwriter Rory Gillanders has returned with the release of his new single Eye Of A Hurricane. The first single from his new E. P Wilderness, which is expected to be released later this year sees Rory combining his influences of Bob Dylan, Noel Gallagher, and Ryan Adams.

A songwriter who is noted for his honest approach to music. Rory Gillanders isn’t the type to be afraid to face modern, social, and political issues head-on. Gillanders, new single tackles the stigma surrounding mental health and prolonged anxiety. Having grappled with anxiety issues himself, Rory explains the meaning behind his new single: “The song came to me in a dream. I was looking down at a hurricane causing all this destruction, but I felt calm. I woke up and thought, there’s gotta be an idea for a song in this. I guess this song is about hope and trying to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles life throws at you.”

Drawing together the aforementioned influences, Eye Of A Hurricane has its roots in folk and rock. Opening with a simplistic folk-inspired melody, the record starts with a sparse arrangement of a dynamic acoustic guitar rhythm that’s coupled with Rory’s signature raw vocals. With the rhythmic foundation laid the track builds and expands with a throbbing bassline and a rousing drumbeat that slowly creeps in, developing the record into a riveting rock track.

 As the record escalates a dynamic interplay of harmonica and winding guitar riffs drift in fleshing out the overall tone and texture of the melody. With Rory’s vocals becoming more strained as the song progresses. The songwriter’s frustration of dealing with the torment of racing thoughts becomes more prevalent. Ultimately, the intensity of his thought’s seeps through with every refrain of “I’m in the eye of a hurricane” leading the track to a climatic ending.

A recording that’s bound to leave an immediate impression. Eye Of A Hurricane is a not only a terrific listen, but honestly expresses the struggles of living with anxiety.

Check out Rory Gillanders new video below shot by the talented people at Foresight Media Ireland

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