Nicha Releases Captivating New Single- Saltwater Song

Since the release of her debut single Devices in July 2020, 23-year-old Nicha has been taking the music scene by storm. Producing her own distinctive musical aesthetic, Nicha’s otherworldly music is a synthesis of folk, soft rock with hints of electronica. Working with multi-instrumentalist and producer Michael Mormecha, the talented duo combined forces to produce her new single Saltwater Song.

Scheduled for release on April 9th, Saltwater Song is a stunning cacophony of sounds with an undulating rhythm. From the onset, we are immersed in Nicha’s melting pot of dreamy instrumentation. Drenched in emotive sounds that flow throughout the record, Saltwater Song begins with a rich melodic acoustic guitar progression. A subtle percussive beat naturally unfurls around this fantastic melody punctuating Nicha’s clipped captivating vocals.

As the single progresses, a swirling sea of harmonies floats around the song structure building to an explosive whirlwind of instrumentation. Twangy tones of sitar and guitar collide with an ethereal acoustic arrangement, sweeping the listener out to the stormy sea.

A story of struggling to overcome personal issues, Nicha’s lyrical content details the frustration and worry of being unable to reach her full potential. The opening line: “Stop and stare, you’re standing in the way I don’t care, like I did yesterday Honestly, I don’t, wana be in your, Fantasy, I’ll be by the sea.” Perfectly encompass the musician’s fear of not achieving her goals. The dread of being trapped in a toxic cycle of standing in the way of her own dreams becomes more predominant as the song develops. Nicha’s need to escape from her spiralling thoughts is reflected when her voice sings “Sail away Sail away, I need to escape so suffocated I think I need a holiday”. The wistfulness of the music contrasts with the turmoil that comes through her lyrics.

Saltwater Song is a stunning single that envelops you with its dreamy melody and innovative sounds. Nicha is a gifted artist whose vulnerability and depth of emotion is knit into the fabric of her song writing.

Check out the new video below & keep up to date with Nicha on Facebook.

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