The Decades Release New Single-Fools Gold

The Decades are a dynamic and talented young group from Wicklow. They’ve come out of nowhere with a catchy, passionate new single and I’m excited to see where they go. Seán Fox’s incredible vocals are encompassed by Rhys Doyle and Seán Fox’s interweaving guitar parts, Myles Keogh’s bassline emphasising the rise and fall of emotion, with David Mulvey’s rhythmic drum controlling the pace.

I spent Easter weekend listening to and humming their new single Fool’s Gold. It’s the kind of song we’d hear everywhere in normal times. Beer gardens, buskers and road trips spring to mind. The emotion right through this single is contagious. With a soothing opening it catches your attention from the outset, then the song slowly teases its way to a passionate, chant like finish. This is one of those addictive songs that fits every playlist.

Behind the catchy, addictive, play on repeat first impression, there’s an important message for the massive following these guys are inevitable to have. Isn’t that what music is really about? Conveying a feeling, a lesson, or a message.

I cannot wait for live gigs and these guys are on the must see. This is what I love about musician’s early releases. The stage passion comes through with every recording session. I can hear them willing me to buy their shows.  

Fools Gold is out now! Check it out below!

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