New Releases-Arn -Hard To Believe

Despite the negativity and uncertainty, we have placed in thanks to COVID-19, creativity has thrived. The solitude that has been inflicted on the globe has encouraged people to turn more to the creative arts to fill the void of loneliness. This increase in creativity has seen a recent batch of artists emerging from under their duvets channelling their inner Rockstar’s.

One of the newest artists to emerge is songwriter Arn, who after much deliberation, decided in 2020 to take the chance to release his own music. Hailing from Letterkenny, Donegal the songwriter has been releasing his own blend of Indie Pop. Arn’s music delves into an array of themes ranging from love to the glorification of drinking culture in Irish society.

The artist’s latest release Hard To Believe, is an infectious single that is rooted in that classic pop sound. This record begins as a laid-back dream-pop track that drifts between a lazy singsong melody into a dynamic upbeat pop record.

Combining a whirlwind of guitars and synths over a repetitive bass loop and an agile rhythm that’s bound to get you dancing. Hard To Believe is not your usual one-dimensional pop song. Arn takes us on a rhythmic voyage with this richly arranged single producing a remarkable track that will hook you in with its feel-good vibes.

Check it below!

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