New Releases-Locklin-Shoot The Breeze

The brainchild of songwriter Barry McLoughlin, Locklin is the latest indie group to crop up from the depths of Thurles, Tipperary. Under the alias of Locklin, Barry McLoughlin joined forces with guitarist Eoin Ryan and drummer Cian Cronin in 2018, to release their debut E. P Never Forget. Since then the group has played a steady stream of gigs as well as, releasing their mellow indie single Setting Sun in 2020.

With 90s nostalgia undoubtedly becoming a constant fixture amongst the new wave of indie bands. Locklin’s current single Shoot The Breeze bursts with that punchy nostalgic sound. A thumping drumbeat pushes the song forward as Shoot The Breeze immediately propels into a crashing guitar-driven track, delivering a rush of 90s alt-grunge euphoria. McLoughlin’s smooth vocals seamlessly glide the track to an infectious chorus, where an unforgettable guitar hook adds an extra kick to the melody.

Drawing on their 90s influences, which I can only imagine range from Dinosaur Jr to The Wildheart’s. Locklin is the type of band that naturally exudes an upbeat energy. Shoot The Breeze is not only a dynamic bounce-off-the-ceiling type single, but the perfect homage to a time of controlled chaos.

Check it out below!

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