New Releases -Tommy Cullen -Night Moves

On the top of a sacred river in the middle of a bustling metropolis sits a box and, in that box (Complete with windows and doors.) singer songwriter Tommy Cullen has been busy spending his lockdown creating songs about scary sharks, imaginary breakups, existential adventures and really nice trains. Thankfully Tommy has got a grip on his overactive imagination for the release of his new single Night Moves.

 A talented songwriter Tommy Cullen’s latest single is an infusion of calming harmonies, with an alt folk melody, that carries an emotive air. Night Moves is an accomplished track that has a subdued tone to it. Delicate acoustic guitar riffs are beautifully balanced by Tommy’s mellow vocals with cooing harmonies that float around a laid-back melodic soundscape. 

These comforting sounds add a serene atmosphere to the single capturing the hush that has taken over Dublin City. Wrote and recorded at the start of the first lockdown, Tommy’s lyrics draw on the effects of lockdown fatigue. With the increasing desire for human contact bubbling throughout the track, a tenderness bleeds through his lyrics with poetic lines like “Hold back, step light Something’s got to make it right and someone in the night cries.” Tommy perfectly captures the social pain of being disconnected from others who are suffering.

A deeply vulnerable single that not only possesses an introspective tone, but marks Tommy Cullen’s ongoing evolution as a songwriter.

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