New Releases- P.Duffy -The Same Thing

After the successful release of his anthemic single: A Need To Be in November 2020. P. Duffy has promptly returned with the first single from his forthcoming debut album Done Is Better Than Perfect. Released on all streaming platforms now! The Same Thing is a rhythmically intense record that naturally builds with a golpe style guitar progression neatly coupled with a snappy cajón drum beat and a tinkling of piano.
These dynamic layers are the perfect backbone for a gruff vocal melody that tells the story of the disillusionment we find ourselves in when we are continuously seeking and craving for more materialistically. As we near the outro the dynamics of the track change slightly, a mellow string arrangement instantly adds a melancholic tone to the flow and structure of the record ending The Same Thing on a bleaker note.
With an organic approach to song writing and producing, P.Duffy has produced a record that throbs with rawness and authenticity, perfectly conveying the message of appreciating what we have in the present moment. The Same Thing is an excellent opening to his upcoming album Done Is Better Than Perfect, which will ironically be released month by month this year.

Check out The Same Thing below & keep an ear out for his next single A Thousand Geniuses which is due to drop early April.

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